Advanced laser solutions for interconnect and component production.

Drilling, Cutting, Skiving

Trim and Test

From microvias and cavity formation to coverlay patterning, PPI has the application experience to help you Improve Productivity.

HDI microvias

Automatically drill not only single-layer but also double-layer (stepped) blind vias and through holes.


Machine through Cu and dielectric without damage to buried tracks or pads.

Solder Mask Repair

Panels with mistakes in solder mask can be salvaged by solder mask removal with either the CO2 or UV laser.


Kiss cuts through polyimide/adhesive coverlay allow waste material to stay after peeling away cut pattern.

Flex circuit processing

Usually polyimide and copper, often with acrylic adhesive.  Typical processes include drilling, cutting and skiving.

Structure Copper

Directly structure even thin Cu with little damage to underlying materials.

Green Tape

Green ceramic tape is easily drilled, cut or depth-machined with either the UV or CO2 laser.

CO2 direct drilling

Drill directly into thin Cu with CO2, down to 40um diameter, with or without black oxide.

High accuracy laser trim.  Precision process control.  No Probe Cards.

Thick Film and Thin Film resistors on virtually any substrate, RapiTrim systems are optimized for advanced hybrid and embedded passives materials.  IR, green, or UV lasers are available.

Thin Film

Single- and double-plunge trims in thin-film material

Thick Film

Double-plunge and L-vernier trim in thick-film material

Serpentine Trim

Serpentine trims in thin-film and thick-film material

Shave Trim

Symmetric shave trim in thin-film and asymmetric shave trim in thick-film material

Precision Trim Control

Green laser used for high precision symmetric scan trims (left) and ladder rungs followed by serpentine trims (right) in thin film materials.

Flying Probe Measurement

Proprietary Flying Probe technology achieves volume production throughput with no limitations on design rules or test pad density

Automated DXF Import

Intuitive graphical user interface streamlines job creation from DXF and other data sources, linking components with trim / measurement libraries

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