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Electronic components are increasingly common in automobiles, with modern vehicles having more than 200 electronic control units, many of which contain sensors and processor circuits that require fabrication and calibration through laser drilling and resistor trimming. Unique considerations for component manufacturers include environmental improvements, safety enhancements as well as convenience and comfort.


Laser Drilling and Cutting

Laser drilling in HDI boards allows for a dramatic decrease in board size as well as an increase in the complexity of circuits. For high volume applications as found in the automotive industry, laser processing  can dramatically reduce total processing time and increase yields with up to 1000 holes drilled per second.


With the precision process control of PPI's advanced ProVia laser drilling and cutting systems, heat-affected zones (HAZ) can be avoided and carbonization minimized while accuracy is improved and productivity is increased.

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Laser Resistor Trimming

Thick-film circuits are widely used in the automotive industry, both in sensors such as flow sensors, pressure sensors, engine, gearbox, and braking controls.  Important characteristics include high reliability, extended temperature ranges as well as thermo-cycling of circuits without fail.  Sensor elements are typically trimmed and tested in pressure and temperature chambers for their response calibration.


PPI's series of RapiTrim systems provide effortless high-volume processing of complex circuit layouts without the limitations of conventional probe card-based trimming equipment.

Laser resistor trimming automotive

Common automotive components involving laser drilling and trimming include:


  • Situational awareness sensors
  • Dashboard instrumentation
  • Audio devices
  • Automotive communication devices
  • Engine sensors and control systems
  • Power transmission control systems
  • Braking sensors and controls
  • Vehicle power controls
  • Navigation devices


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