Advanced laser solutions for interconnect and component production.

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With the incorporation of Industry 4.0 in production processes and the resulting gains in plant data automation efficiency along with parallel advancements of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), systems are responsible for "learned" tasks and will exploit feedback loops. These systems will control and correct themselves with substantially increased yields raising reliability and precision.  Printed circuit assemblies and remote sensors are crucial devices that aid in connections between controls and industrial equipment.


Laser Resistor Trimming

With the modern software and hardware found in PPI laser resistor trimming systems, the equipment is  compliant with Industry 4.0 interfaces, something many competitive systems which were designed prior to current standards can't be adapted to.


With turnkey quick-change solutions designed for sensor production, PPI's RapiTrim active trimming systems provide drop-in solutions for device manufacturers.

Laser Resistor Trimming industrial controls



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Laser Via Drilling

HDI multi-layered boards in high volumes are needed for industrial control components with high accuracy as well as rugged construction to survive in an extreme environment.  Laser drilling systems are able to drill thousands of precise holes per second using either UV or CO2 lasers. This has the added advantage of reducing board costs as well as increasing yields.


PPI's unique ProVia dual laser drilling systems provide the ultimate in process control and flexibility to meet the demands of current and future advanced PCB materials and constructions.

Laser Via Drilling Industrial Controls

Common industrial devices involving laser drilling and trimming include:


  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Advanced control systems
  • Gas Detectors
  • Power converters
  • Motor drives
  • Process feedback Devices
  • Gauges
  • Amplifiers
  • Circuit protection

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