RapiTrim Active Trimming Solutions

(Ottawa, ON) Apr, 2020 PPI Systems Inc is pleased to introduce new active trim features for their RapiTrimTM series of Laser Resistor Trimming systems.  This new hardware and software introduction to the platform allows effortless adjustment of circuit parametrics without the need for specialized instrumentation and software.  In active trim applications, a circuit output parameter such as voltage, frequency or switching threshold is measured continuously and compared to the expected value.  Previously, active trim functionality required 3rd party integration and cumbersome coding.


“With this addition to our RapiTrim platform, users can now easily configure applications that were not previously available or required specialized engineering support.” states Robert Parker, Vice-President at PPI.  “It allows current and future users to perform entirely new applications with our system, without the need for extensive applications support.”


PPI Systems is a leading supplier of laser material processing and test  systems.  The company provides a broad range of turn-key solutions to the interconnect and electronic component market for via drilling, circuit processing, resistor trimming, and high-precision micro-machining.