Technical Support Center

PPI Systems works closely with production and engineering groups to design, manufacture, install and support modern resistor trimming and via drilling systems to meet each unique application.

At PPI Systems we pride ourselves on providing a high level of support for both our via drilling and resistor trimming equipment. We are committed to fully support customers through all stages of system design and implementation into production lines. PPI offers more than 20 years of experience designing and successfully delivering laser processing systems around the world.

System Design

Our technical support and application engineering group will assist you through product development, design, integration, deployment and post-installation support of our systems. The PPI application laboratory allows technicians to perform testing on end-user samples, as well as training and technical support for remote customers. A complete proof of concept is created for all new systems, ensuring knowledgeable post-sales support for the life of the system.

During training programs, engineers can work directly with our systems on location or remotely through the TeamViewer application which is included with each laser processing system.

Component and Circuit | Chip Resistor | Semiconductor Wafer Trimming

Application Support

Laser processing applications vary by market, with resistor trimming customers having very different requirements than microvia drilling applications. Within each market segment, production facilities need different versions of each system PPI produces. Since PPI Systems offers options for each market segment of drilling and trimming customers, they can present each manufacturer with custom designed systems to meet their specific application needs.

Ottawa Application Laboratory

PPI Systems offers a full resistor trimming and via drilling application lab which provides technical application services along with tailor made training to our global customers. This lab is also used to offer customers forward-looking products and applications based on market trends and unique customer specifications.

Dual Laser UV + CO2 | Single UV Laser | Single CO2 Laser Via Drilling

Advanced CRM

PPI technical support employs an advanced CRM (customer relationship management) system to manage and analyze interactions and data throughput with customers throughout the system lifecycle. This provides a centralized platform that is accessible by our support, engineering and manufacturing groups, allowing our teams to act quickly and seamlessly to answer inquiries and provide support, ensuring clear concise communication between operators and engineering at the customer site and PPI support.