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At PPI Systems we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer support. Our application group consists of individuals with varied backgrounds and skill sets, allowing us to tap into a broad spectrum of expertise. In addition to our people and unique skills, we use a variety of tools to offer you exceptional support.

Technical Support Center

  • We’re here to address any new or complex requirements to see to it that we meet your application needs. Our engineers and scientists review each application to ensure the system solution meets requirements.
  • Samples are processed in our in-house laboratory, making sure system configurations meet customer specifications.
  • Application specialists work with the customer to find the optimal process parameters for a wide variety of materials, developing new solutions for unique customer requirements. 
  • A robust CRM allows us to effectively monitor customer case status, quickly move to issue resolution, and assign follow-up tasks if required.

  • Remote access through the Internet allows rapid support from the factory without the cost of a service visit.
  • With over 100+ years experience among our scientists and engineers, each team member has extensive knowledge in all aspects of laser solutions for interconnect or component production.


  • PPI laser processing systems contain advanced ProSys software that allows remote training which can be scheduled or provided on-the-fly when needed.
  • On-site training programs are available with all system sales worldwide and are adaptable to customer needs.
  • Once a system has been received by a customer, the application laboratory allows PPI R&D and engineering staff to use the wide array of application lab trimmers and drillers to work in parallel with customer systems to train users and provide assistance.
  • This is setting new standards in how systems are designed, built and supported globally.


  • Over 95% of service calls are addressed through remote diagnostics that are built into the advanced ProSys software provided with each system.
  • Should on-site service be needed, these diagnostic tools ensure time is optimized and parts are procured ahead of time.
  • With world-wide representation, PPI Systems provides on-site installation and training services to support customers globally.
  • A large stock of parts is available to ensure that service interruptions are avoided and downtime is limited.

Through training, application support and helpful reference materials, PPI Systems will assist you through product development, design, deployment and post-installation support.

Contact Our Support Group

The support team at PPI can provide help with applications as well as technical systems questions.

Ottawa Application Lab

PPI provides a full laser resistor trimming and laser microvia drilling application laboratory.

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