ProVia FP-U

Drilling and Cutting System

ProVia laser via drilling system

UV laser system, providing high speed processing of copper, and high quality drilling and cutting of dielectric material.

ProVia FP-U laser drilling systems are able to machine copper and provide higher process quality in many dielectrics.


The system is configured for all applications including blind via drilling, cutting, routing, skiving / cavity formation as well as defect repair.

laser via driller autoloader

System Features Include:

  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface with ProSys operating software.
  • Advanced Beam Positioning and Laser Pulse Control provide high throughput, accuracy, and process stability.
  • Auto-Calibration functions ensure repeatable quality.
  • Extensive System Diagnostics continuously monitor all critical components and machine performance.
  • Sealed Beam Delivery protects optics from process debris, extending component lifetimes
  • Active Pulse Shaping to provide precise control on a pulse-by-pulse basis.
  • Touchscreen operation (full HD size).
  • Automatic Run-time Calibration means no operator intervention is required for an entire batch.

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